Pro Shop

Serious bowlers need top-of-the-line equipment from a pro shop that is serious about quality and service. Dino's Pro Shop is the #1 source for all your bowling needs. You can find:

  • Bowling balls for all ages
  • Bowling shoes from all major distributors
  • Bowling ball bags (singles, doubles, multiples, rollers-you name it, we can get it!)
  • Custom ball drilling
  • Expert plugging and re-drilling services
  • Ball resurfacing
  • Bowling accessories (wrist guards, chalk, tape, and more!)

Times of Operation

Monday 2PM - 9PM
Tuesday 2PM - 9PM
Wednesday 2PM - 9PM
Thursday 2PM - 9PM
Friday 2PM - 9PM
Saturday 2PM - 7:30PM
If these hours are not convenient for you, please call 718-651-5235 to schedule an appointment.